Application for reimbursement of the Germany semester ticket

application period
1 Apr 2024 - 30 Apr 2024

rmv semesterticket

Procedure & deadlines

The online application for reimbursement of the RMV semester ticket is very simple:

  1. You have to go to "Submit your application here", fill in the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk and submit the application. In this first step, it is not yet necessary to send proof of the reason for the application.

  2. Afterwards, you will receive an e-mail to the supplied e-mail address with a link which you have to activate. Please also check your spam folder for a mail from us.

  3. Then you can log in with your mail address and the password and either upload missing proofs or inform yourself about the status of the application processing.

In any case, the proof must have been uploaded by the end of the late submission period.

As soon as the application is complete (i.e. including proofs), the amount for the semester ticket will be transferred to the supplied bank account.

Applications for reimbursement of the  Germany Semester Ticket can be made as follows

  • for the winter semester:
    Application deadline is always from October 1st - 31st.
    Deadline for submitting proof is November 11th.

  • for the summer semester:
    Application deadline always from April 1st - 30th.
    Deadline for submitting proof is May 12th.

For all reasons stated, the applicants obligation to provide evidence applies. Incomplete applications after November 11th or May 12th will not be refunded.

Note: once deactivated, nationwide semester tickets cannot currently be reactivated in the current semester! So once refunded, there is no option to buy it back over the course of the semester and therefore no nationwide valid ticket during the holidays.

Reasons for a refund of the semester ticket

The semester ticket works according to the solidarity principle - everyone has to pay the amount when they enroll or re-register, so it is very cheap compared to the regular season ticket or the upgrade to a Germany ticket.

Even for those of you who use the ticket only rarely, there is a price advantage compared to the purchase of one-way tickets -- even if the use is low.

However, not everyone can always use the semester ticket and therefore, if one of the following application reasons applies, you can have the amount refunded:

  • Stay abroad due to your studies for at least 3 months in the application semester

  • Double study at two universities with compulsory purchase of Germany semester tickets

  • Severe disability with the right to transport and possession of the supplement to the severely disabled person's ID card and the associated token

  • Vacation semester

  • Health situation that makes it impossible to use public transport for at least 3 consecutive months in the current semester

  • Possession of the State Ticket of Hesse (Landesticket Hessen) without verifiable use of the Germany Semester Ticket

If none of the above reasons apply to you, the Semester Ticket cannot be refunded.

Note: The application reason "health situation" can be submitted at any time during the current semester and until the end of the semester. If the application is submitted outside of the regular deadlines, please use the following form (pdf). Then and only then will a paper application be accepted.